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Golds as seen on the ground.

There are four ways to earn gold in Curse of the Dead Gods.

- By defeating enemies, Champions, and Boss.

- By finding it on the ground or in jars that you can destroy.

- By opening chests.

- By getting a specific relic that converts a percentage of damages you take to gold.

You can increase the gold you get from kills with the "Greed kills". Every kill you do without being hit raise the greed kill counter by one. Every greed kill count add a percentage of gold earned from kills (to a maximum of +1000% at 20 greed kills). If you get hit or if you wait too long between two kills, the greed kill counter resets to 0.

You can increase the gold you get from the ground and jars with the Perception Stat. (+5% for each point)

You can use gold to buy Weapons, Relics or Stats from the sanctuaries. Your gold is lost from a run to another.