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Blessings are passive bonuses in Curse of the Dead Gods that can be chosen before starting an exploration.

There are currently 3 types of blessings, grouped in relation to the three Gods: T'amok's Blessings, Sicha'l's Blessings and Yaatz's Blessings. Each of them have different specificities.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Interacting with the skull inlay on the floor in the Underworld (hub room) will show all the blessings that can be unlocked, purchased and attached to your character. Each blessing has its own price and unlocking condition. Spending Crystal skulls on a blessing will make it available to attach to your character.

Up to 3 blessings can be chosen and attached to your character. Blessings will then have passive effects on your character during your next run. You can switch blessings each time you enter the Underworld.

List of T'amok's Blessings[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effects Costs COTDG-Icon-CrystalSkulls.png
T'amok's Breath Whenever an enemy is set on fire, he has 50% chance to be Weakened for a short duration (no effect against Champions and Bosses). ?
Indomitable While you are attacking, you take 20% less damage and damage does not interrupt you. ?
Brutal Temper Killing multiple enemies within a 1 second window activates Fury (deal 50% more damage for 6 seconds). ?
T'amok's Protection Fire illuminates farther. All damage taken is reduced by 20% while in the light. ?
Furious Skin Gain Fury (deal 50% more damage for 6 seconds) when you take damage. ?
Unquenchable Thirst Greed Kills restore 1 more stamina. ?
T'amok's Bones Gain 5 Constitution at the start of your exploration. ?

List of Sich'al's Blessings[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effects Costs COTDG-Icon-CrystalSkulls.png
Sich'al's Treasures When you defeat a Champion, the gold you carry is doubled. ?
Divine Perception Gear found in chests or dropped by enemies has a high chance of being of higher quality. ?
Favor of Sich'al Gain 1000 gold at the start of your exploration. ?
Serpent's Bounty Champions drop 5 pieces of gear (instead of 2) upon defeat. ?
Reptilian Hunger Your Greed Kill counter never runs out when you are out of combat and does not reset between rooms. ?
Will of Sich'al Your Corruption threshold increases from 100 to 120 at the start of your exploration. ?
Sich'al's Trove Blood fountains also grant 300 gold per charge consumed. ?

List of Yaatz's Blessings[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effects Costs COTDG-Icon-CrystalSkulls.png
Grace of the Tempest Gain +1 Dexterity each time you complete a room without taking damage. ?
Clever Kills Traps deal 100% more damage to enemies. ?
Skillful Adaptation Your Greed Kill counter increases by 2 if an enemy is defeated while in a different fighting stance than the previous one. ?
Eagle's Fascination While the Greed Kill timer is active, your damage increases by 2% per kill (up to 100%). ?
Storm's Focus Successful Parries fully restore stamina. ?
Gust of Agility A Perfect Dodge triggers Haste (increased movement speed for 5 seconds). ?
Yaatz's Wrath Successful Parries channel the power of the wind, stunning all enemies in a larger radius. ?